Saturday, September 04, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs ( and cats) lie

Brodie has found a new favourite place to sleep, Bob obviously thinks he's daft. I think it's really cute. There's no accounting for taste!

And I rather liked this! I was gazing out of the bedroom window because I heard the ducks doing their thing, quacking around in the garden and they make me laugh, then I spied Kopi having a wee snooze in the sun - ducks and cat - oblivious to eachother!


  1. To each his own, I guess! Love those wood floors!


  2. Also, don't know if they do that white pudding, but I am in Glasgow on Tuesday working round the corner from Gandolfi so if I have a chance I will see if they still do that white pudding!

  3. Cute photos, I love how the animals all interact in our yard too....can I be a goober and please ask the name of the paint colour in the room pictured, I am looking for a nice blue, and that looks gorgeous...x

  4. What sweet pictures, especially your cat oblivious to the waddlers quacking around her.

    I too love the color of your blue walls. The room looks very calming and pretty.


  5. Ha these are adorable! Love the pictures. Pets bring such joy to our hearts :)

  6. Laura,
    These are some of the best pictures you have taken. Such a joy to see!!

  7. Loving your blog - every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is look at the daily update on my blackberry... then I get up!

    You seem to spend most mornings in your pjs taking photos in the garden......more duck, dogs and chickens and less bark please!

  8. Brodie looks so happy on his chosen bedstead.
    The photo of the ducks and sleeping cat is wonderful :-)


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