Saturday, September 04, 2010

Finished the painting!

Now I totally understand that these pics are of little interest to anyone but me, but I am dead pleased with it!

I think we ended up with about 8 tester pots and probably about 15 bits of tester patchwork around the kitchen! And even with all that the finished room looks different to what we had imagined!

It took me all day ~ with a break in the afternoon to drop Brodie off at the groomers ~ to do it. Usually I rush into it when I paint the house and don't really prep it properly and 'forget' to put tarp down to cover the floor - you know, stuff like that! This time I tackled it differently. I was very organised. I got stuff to cover the floor and laid it all out properly. I took my time, if I was up the ladder and felt that it really WAS too far to lean to reach something I made my way back down the ladder and moved it - all very sensible! It actually made for a much more relaxing painting day.

We got this huge pot of paint, but we were obviously way off in our calculations as I've used about 10cm of it! There is enough left to paint the whole house, and I like it so  much I might do the livingroom as well. But not tomorrow!
Oh and the colour we went with in the end is Waitangi Half. ( it's the one on its own nearest the ladder) Very apt as we live 15 minutes away from Waitangi.

this is a bit like 'Spot the Difference" but in real life it is different...honest!


  1. Well done you for doing it and it is a nice colour.

  2. Wow! what a great colour, it looks really specky. Good choice going 1/2 strength.

  3. Makes everything look so clean and fresh putting a new coat of paint on! I have to resist the urge to keep going and paint the rest of the house so it looks like all hte new we've done. But as this is the fisrt weekend in what seems like months that I don't have a paintbrush in my hand and it feels ruddy good! :D

    Have to word verification is 'asoles' lmao!

  4. ~*~Wow Laura it looks really pretty!!~*~ My husband doesnt trust me with the job~*~*

  5. Anonymous5:18 pm


    I see a Lester Hall print on the wall. Was interesting to read all about him in the latest L&L mag. Interesting character :)

    The seeds arrived today! Thank you so much Laura, I really appreciate it, looking forward to tasting them all in four or so months time. What great names they have :)

  6. yeah! I'm so glad they arrived.
    Yes, it's a Lester - we've got 2 of them. This huge mental blue one with a mad flying Tui on it.
    He's actually a friend of ours and he's lovely, and a very good cook!

    Sue I totally know what you mean - there's no way I'm not doing the livingroom now!

  7. Very nice. The artwork looks lovely against the color also. You did a great job. I love to paint too, inside and out.


  8. Anonymous2:03 pm

    It looks great.

  9. Well done! It looks wonderful.


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