Friday, September 03, 2010

Morning stroll

Well, I say stroll, but it's more like morning routine of feeding chickens and ducks, only this morning I took my camera along for the ride ( Note to self ~ not a great idea as it now seems to have rather a lot of mud on it)
I must have looked a fetching sight in my jammies, huge sweatshirt over the top, pj bottoms tucked into Lloyd's huge wellingtons, camera stuffed under one arm and a couple of eggs under the other.

I know there are blossom pics all over the place just now, but this one is a bit special. It's Wee Pixie's tree and it was planted just as we had the biggest drought Northland's ever seen. We did water it, but I was worried it may not do that great. So it was so lovely to see blossom on it this morning.

Then I went to feed the chooks, they love kibbled corn as a treat.

and to repay me for feeding them so well there were 2 eggs already.

A wee wander over to the orchard to see all the plum blossom

And finally something for Ms Lottie
the elder cuttings I stuck in the earth for you seem to be taking! They all have flowers and wee leaves!  whoo hoo!


  1. WendyJW10:41 am

    Lovely photos of your morning Laura.
    I am often similarly clad on the morning walk! Not often with a camera as well though. Your girls look very happy and healthy - don't they just love corn!!

  2. Hmmm, my plum blossom is pink! It's a decorative plum, quite edible but with large stones in small fruit. Lots of little dark red leaves peeking through now, too. I love spring and all the flowers, my daffodils are out and the tulips are looking hopeful :-)
    Lucky you, having an orchard-full of blossom to walk through.

  3. Beautiful flower pictures! :-) Have a great night.

  4. I'd say that taking the camera with you was totally worth it! Beautiful shots! And I'm so jealous that your just beginning your spring...such an amazing time for pictures!

  5. Love you photos - especially the last one!!

  6. ~*~Oh how I wish I could have been along side you there this morning..looks so pretty and peaceful~*~* Do you enjoy visitors??lol..

  7. we love visitors - we even have a cottage for them to stay in :)


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