Monday, September 27, 2010

Seedling update

I know I was behind getting my seeds planted, as we were away on holiday. I thought I had to wait until later in August for some reason, but now I have my trusty greenhouses I'm going to plant them earlier next year ... way earlier as I seem to be very far behind my friends . However, if Ken Ring is to be believed Northland is heading for another long droughty summer so the growing season should be long again and we have water for irrigation so maybe it won't be so bad.

I got my sweetcorn and Alderman peas out the other day and I'm just hardening off the courgettes and cucumbers so they can go out soon. The tomatoes, aubergines and chillis have a bit to go yet, but we overwintered some chillis last year and with the exception of the habanero (which was really the one Lloyd wanted to do well ) they've all done great. So I reckon they can go back into the veggie garden now.

I also planted a lot of flower seeds a few days ago and some of them are peeking through already. ( have I said how much I love my greenhouses? )

Oh and we are suckers for egg and mayo sandwiches - love them - so I thought I'd grow some cress... 'Old School'.  Do you remember doing this at school

I remember growing it in half a used eggshell with a face painted on it and being delighted when it grew mad hair - oh oh I feel the need to do this again!

 Here they are on their dampened kitchen roll.


  1. I just love how you take simple things and turn them into beautiful images..just lovely!

  2. Aw thank you, I've had my camera glued to my hand today! xxx

  3. There's nothing more rewarding right now to me than tending my little garden. Watching plants root and seeds sprout from the earth.

  4. You could make a dozen of them there eggshell cress heads Laura,
    you have enough eggs!!!!!

  5. Wonderful! Isn't it lovely to see all the new growth. Winter seems to be a long time coming this year.

    Aren't those mini greenhouses great! Hope the tomato seeds do some catching up to my cucumbers and peppers. We're on holiday next week so I'm leaving my Mum in charge...I think I trust her...


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