Friday, September 24, 2010

The sun is out and best of all the wind hasGONE!
 Oh it's beautiful today!
I'll get out in the garden to cut the grass. Having my weekly chat with mum and dad first on the webcam, though. (Which will give the dew time to dry a bit anyway) What a totally brilliant invention that is! The webcam, not the dew.

I was waving bye to Lloyd just now and realised that our garage roof is purple with wisteria. It's gorgeous! Not nearly all out yet so I'll take another pic in a few days to see if there's a difference. Same with the cherry blossoms, they're just beginning to come out. Amazingly the wind didn't blow every bit of blossom off.

It's so spring like today. Candy and Lachie are doing great, when I went to give Candy her extra rations Lachie was positively jumping around like a wee lamb!
Broody duck is still sitting on her eggs ~ to save her coming up here every evening for dinner I've put a bowl of food and another of water in the hole in the bonfire where she's made her nest. The food is all getting eaten and she's not coming here so I assume it's her eating it!


  1. My lady visited New Zealand 20 years ago (eep) just about this time of year. What a lovely place it is! She always wanted to go back but we animals kind of prevent that...that and the 24 hour plane ride.

  2. WendyJW11:25 am

    It does look like a beautiful morning there! Don't you just love wisteria - ours has been out for a little while now and it's so pretty.

  3. Ditto here also Laura.
    We've had the most beautiful, calm morning and I've gardened to my little hearts content.

  4. I think all of your wind came my way. It has been nasty for the last two days.


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