Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring Equinox

And wow are we feeling the gales. I'm over them now, we've been having wind like you wouldn't believe for days and days. It gives me a sore head!
I keep hearing people say that we've got weeks of it to go yet. ARGH! I so hope they're wrong. I don't remember having such windy weather for so long since we moved here ( almost 5 years to the day!)

this doesn't really do the wind justice, with the exception of Lloyd and I none of you know what this looks like when it's not windy! Well the palm  has leaves all round it, usually there are lots of leaves at the front! And the poor bottle brush...well it normally stands upright and is was all bushy. Now it looks flat on one side.
Hopefully no more trees will come down.

I've been trying to do stuff in the garden, though. There was an area behind the new pizza oven which I dug out to make a bed - it's now got rosemary, pizza thyme and parsley ( nice for pizzas!) on one side and a wee bay tree and some "potted colour" on the other. It looks really pretty, I just hope it doesn't blow away.


  1. oh man we hear you loud and clear... yesterday we got home to find our wood shed roof had been squashed by a flying log... talk about chicken little with weird objects falling from the sky... the furkids arnt that impressed either! congrats on 5 years of kiwidom xxx

  2. It's the same here in Tasmania Laura. I hate the wind too, give me the rain anytime. I worry about my chooks being blown away and have warned the neighbours to keep an eye out. It won't be batman it'll be my girls!
    Good luck with the garden and love your post.


  3. Wow, great shot of the wind's effects. Pizza thyme??

  4. I hate the wind too. I'd rather it rain for weeks!
    Hope your lovely garden survives, Laura.
    Pizza oven looks nice too.

  5. pizza thyme - I found it next to thyme in the garden centre!!

    My chooks roost up a tree and I'm terrified they get hurt, but so far so good.

    Bella, is your wood shed fixable?


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