Wednesday, September 15, 2010

veggie seedlings galore!

The miracle of plants growing! When I plant the seeds I'm never convinced they will actually grow and am always rather surprised when they do, but year after year they never let me down.

What we've got here are

Alderman Peas. 


Yard Long beans

Cucumbers and courgettes

All the different heritage tomatoes are just beginning to come through now as well, and a few gem squash.
What's slow are all the chillis and the eggplants. I know from experience that they take eons to germinate!

The greenhouse has worked so amazingly well that we went out and got another one today -  a 3 shelf this time. I can fill it with planty wonders! I spent this morning making more paper pots and am just about to plant, sunflowers of various types, hollyhocks, sweetpeas, basil, another tomato - Great White, and some purple asparagus. It'll be years before we can eat it though.

It's so spring like today. We're sitting with the french doors and the front door open, a lovely breeze is wafting through,  munching on freshly made egg, mayo and sprouting things sandwiches. ( we're munching, not the breeze)


  1. Anonymous4:22 pm

    It seems so strange to see you getting your garden ready as we are finishing with ours. I love your paper pots.

  2. The plants look so great. I would love a lesson on how you make your pots. Plenty of vegies in the summer for you.

  3. You are such a gardner and I am very impressed by it.

  4. Kay, I have a little wooden thing that I bought and it makes it easy to make the pots - it's here

    once I mastered it I realised that it's pretty easy and you can make different sizes using a bottle.

    I'll do a post as a step by step!


  5. Wonderful! Better get those tomato seeds in....

    Mmmmm...sweetcorn.Sweetcorn=summer :)


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