Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby ducks

They hatched this morning!
I can count about 10 but it's very difficult to tell as when they see  me they all run back under mum. If anyone has any ideas about how to catch them and bring them home to the broody house I would appreciate it - I've drawn a total blank!!

What amazes me is how long mum could leave the nest for when they were incubating. One day last week she was off for about 3 hours, I would have thought the eggs would have cooled down an awful lot in that time.


  1. WendyJW3:16 pm

    Awww.. ducklinlgs are just the cutest aren't they? Well done to all concerned to have hatched 10!
    It is amazing that she could stay off the nest for so long. Our little pekin bantam has just hatched a few babies too, don't know how many yet. She was sitting on 10 - first time mum, so we'll see how she goes!
    I'm no help with the moving - apart from moving them all at night when they are under her? Good luck!

  2. WendyJW3:17 pm

    PS - love your bew banner!

  3. Laura, they're so cute!! Love babies.

  4. They are adorable.

  5. Oh the cuteness!

  6. They are going to want to go where the water is arnt they? I had an old bath tub when my ducklings hatched, but we lost some as they couldnt get out and up the be careful of that.
    Im sure someone who had raised lots of ducks will let you know...x

  7. I like your new banner too Laura. The new ducklings are too sweet.

  8. They are just too cute! We have had no luck with our dick breeding yet. i am going to put some eggs in the incubator soon and see how that goes. Did she just sit on the eggs out in the open?

  9. Hi Anne, they just went broody and both broodys have laid their eggs in the bonfire - which is gigantic - in a paddock. They are deep in the bonfire and very well protected. I can't reach in to get them at all.
    She'd come out a couple of times a day for food and a swim. She was sitting on 12 eggs, 8 hatched. This morning I still have 8 babies. I am in 2 minds as to what to do - leave them where they are or attempt to catch them and take mum and bubs to the broody house...

  10. Hi laura - your ducklings are the cutest! I love their shelter too. Well done on such a successful hatch x


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