Saturday, October 09, 2010

I'm so disappointed.

It's a bit breezy today, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining so I didn't think much about it, until L and I were walking round the deck and he said "Oh no" I glanced over to where he was looking and saw my green house, splattered all over the deck. All the shelves had fallen off and my seedlings (with the exception of most of the tomatoes and beans which are hardening off outside today, thank goodness) were all squished and broken. I could have cried. The chillis, the eggplants, more tomatoes, basil,  all the flowers I'd planted and the asparagus. We've tried to rescue as much as we can and I'm going to be doing a fair amount of making and re-potting this afternoon, but tbh, I don't even know where to start. My poor wee seedlings.
This is all that's left of some of them

and what's back in the green house looks a right sorry sight.
Not a happy bunny.

Edited to add
I made more pots and planted new seeds of the ones that were beyond help. Re-potted a lot of them - so they're now in pots with the wrong names! I think I lost about a third. Fingers crossed these survive!
Also I fixed it to the balustrade again.



  1. oh Joanna, I am so pissed off!!!!!

  2. Laura, what a shame.
    Pop what takes the longest to shoot in first....
    I guess Lloyd will be working out how to secure the green house now, so it wont blow over....

  3. Anonymous4:02 pm

    That is awful. I would be ticked off, too!!

  4. Bugger! Put something heavy like some bricks on the bottom shelf to weight it down

  5. I feel so helpless when you've put in so much hard work to raise these seedlings. Maybe we can find some "catch-up" seedlings at the Market tomorrow? Xxxx

  6. Oh Laura - that's just what happened to me last week! All I could do was scoop the seedlings back into pots - not knowing which tomato is which.
    But if it helps most of them have survived.
    I felt like crying too but fingers crossed maybe your's will be okay too!

  7. Oh Laura, I'm so feel sorry for you. All that hard work - gone in an instant. Are you able to salvage anything at all?


  8. jan thats great - hopefully mine will be ok too.
    I managed to salvage quite a lot and re-potted them, I can't tell the difference between chillis and eggplants though. Some were too broken, but here's hoping.
    I was so sad.

    Yes hubby we can look for wee things at the market.

  9. Oh no what a terrible calamity! So sorry to hear that.

    Glad that you got some more seeds in. I think it's worth doing, maybe put more in too - could be a long growing season you never know.

  10. Laura ~ That is so awful. Stuff like that really does get to you, anger and sadness too. I do hope that most will not only survive but thrive for you.


  11. Boooooo! That stinks! At least you could salvage some of the seedlings. Here in NH we are in foliage season,and we are expected to have our first good frost Sunday night,so I must get the beds ready for winter and pick what is left of my tomatoes. Seed starting will commence in February/March. Hope your seeds do OK.

  12. Oh so sorry to hear...what happened? Wind? Animals? much hard work lost..chin up.....

  13. Marjon8:23 am

    Hi Laura, I had a similar disappointment - spent lots of time carefully planting seeds, waited for the first ones to start coming up when some rodent (I presume) dug about 1/3 of them up and had them for dinner!

    You do invest a bit of heart and soul into them, don't you...

  14. Anonymous9:34 am

    I have one of these also, and it did the same thing, totally unexpected but you need to tie the trays onto the actual frame with string or those plastic ties to stop it happening every time you get as bit of a breeze.
    love reading your blog BTW.

  15. Tess, that's a brilliant idea, thanks. Im going to cable tie the shelves on.

    Sorry to hear yours did that too.


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