Sunday, October 03, 2010

Busy bees

I had a plan to take it easy today and I have to admit that Lloyd and I did lie on the beanbags in the sun for about 20 minutes, I had Banana purring away on my lap and it was absolutely lovely. However, apart from that I've not taken it easy at all! I raked over the veggie beds that I've been feeding and liming and pruned a few trees. Had to tidy The Acorn, because a couple of our friends who are coming on Wednesday for Lloyd's birthday are staying there to save them rushing back for the last ferry home.
I had been mowing the grass, but the belt slipped off three times, we think it's now too stretched to stay on so will have to zoom into town tomorrow to get a new one then L will have to take the deck apart and fit it. Pesky!
Still no sign of the ducklings - she leaves her nest every morning for ages, I wonder if maybe she has no clue! Time will tell.
Anyway, when I was in the veggie garden I noticed that we have borrage out in force again ~ this always attracts the bees.


  1. Beautiful images of the bee~*Hope you are having a lovely weekend~*Hugs,Rachel

  2. Fabulous photos.

    Banana is such a cool name for a cat.


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