Monday, October 04, 2010

Asparagus - The Sunday Creative

This week’s prompt:

 We used to have a very prolific Asparagus crop, but for reasons beyond my understanding this is what we get now...

 *cue hysterical laughter*

I am nostalgic for the good old days!

Nostalgia: n. a wistful yearning for something past or irrecoverable

The Sunday Creative


  1. Love the light on the shot Laura and the Nostalgia - poor you. May you have bumper crops in the years to come! Composition is lovely. Cherry XXX

  2. Okay so not a feed but it will make 1 very big asparagus roll :-)

  3. Excuse me.....but....yourcrop of asparagus is exactly like mine...
    Yesterday I picked one spike...yes one..I dont exactly know what to do with it, maybe I will send it to you in some bubble wrap.

  4. Asparagus are tricky but worth it!

  5. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Trying not to laugh.

  6. what a truly beautiful shot, fantastic.

  7. Anonymous5:36 am

    There may not have been enough for dinner, but it was just enough for a fantastic photo!


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