Thursday, October 14, 2010

forbidden love?

I felt like a paparazzi taking this with my long lens! heehee. He will not leave her alone, mooching around the broody house, looking all sad.

 Safe and sound behind bars. It won't be for long. In a week I'll make a covered run round it and open the door so they have more space. The babies seem very happy, though, splashing around in the water. I gave them a shallow dish and they have gone through so  much water today!

It's a gorgeous evening, but we have just had a day and a bit of rain, only 12mm but it's made such a lovely difference. The veggie garden is looking so much better for it and I got a day off from watering yesterday.  These are the tiny lettuces, actually grown quite a lot.


  1. How that!! Hugs, Rachel ;)

  2. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Well, the young family looks very happy!


  3. Nice photos. Cute ducklings. Yes the rain was good wasn't it. Makes such a difference to the plants to have a decent drink!

  4. Cute little family.

    Rain is always good for our gardens.


  5. Awe.. how cute! great photos!
    Enjoy your garden.. ours is finished for the season. Wishing you a fantastic day! Dawn

  6. Anonymous6:54 am

    forbidden love - that is the best picture ever!!


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