Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guess what we're doing today?

this is a clue...

We're doing irrigation for the veggie garden. We are so lucky in that as we live on a farm we have a water easement which means we have water for irrigation over summer if we need it. Even in the drought of last summer the stream barely changed level. It comes from a spring in one of the many volcanic cones we have around us. They are all dead, thankfully.

In the past we've just used a sprinkler in the middle of the veggie garden, which is alright for some vegetables, but tomatoes and courgettes don't like getting wet from above, and since I grow lots of tomatoes it makes sense to have something that works for them. It would also be nice to not water the whole garden, like the garlic ~ it doesn't like being watered for the last couple of weeks.

So today Lloyd and I have been digging trenches for alkathene piping and screwing on various plumbing fittings. All good until the brand new tap ( pictured above ) is faulty! However, it's not held us up as we can still lay out the pipes that are actually in the veggie garden and work out what extra bits we need. It's quite a big project, but it's 'for ever'! So we're as well doing it properly.
It's 'Labour Weekend' in New Zealand which means most people are on holiday until Tuesday and the weather is scorching and beautiful.
Blue skies as far as the eye can see. People are obviously making the most of it as I can her ride on mowers working hard!


  1. So, stop watering my garlic now Laura, or not?
    I was watering it heaps, as I thought thats what made the bulb get bigger?

  2. ok, from what I understand you do need to water it to make the bulb bigger, but in the final 2 weeks or so before harvesting stop so it dries out a bit.

  3. Labour Weekend is about right! I ache all over....

    Hasn't it been fab weather. So good to feel the warm sun on your face and see all the plants and flowers coming to life :)


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