Monday, October 25, 2010

We have water

Irrigation system is all up and running. Setting up the hoses is ok fun, but adding in the sprinkler bits is real fun, and switching it on for the first time and seeing it working is totally brilliant.
The tomato beds ~ of which there are 2 ~ (slight over kill again this year, but you can never have too  many tomatoes) have a dripper system so they get watered at ground level. The rest of the beds have a spray system. We had it on last night and it works a treat. There are also taps within the system so we can turn off certain beds if we want - like the garlic towards the end of the season. 

And no problem with rotating crops as we can very simply change what goes where.
Job well done. Only negatives ~ sore legs from all the bending and a sunburned back.

 So, dripper feed to tomatoes

 Spray feed to other beds

 Veggie garden ~ everything looks very tiny, but give it a couple of months and this will be all lovely and green

Just thought I'd show the veggie garden when we moved in...
(similar angle to first pic) I had such a freak out when I saw it, it took me almost a month to get up the courage to set foot in it,

my early lettuces coming on a treat.

and a wee duck update, see how much they've grown? I have a third broody now, but thankfully she's made her nest in the bananas, nice and safe and very near the house, unlike the numpties in the bonfire. ( you can't see them all ,but there are still 8)

later on....
water working


  1. Looking good Laura, I actually put some lettuce seed in a pot a couple of days ago. Not much happening garden wise here this year!

  2. WendyJW12:15 pm

    Well done! What great workers you two are - might just inspire me to get stuck into our vergie patch today.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy weekend - well done. You can never have too many tomatoes!

  4. Laura, your gardens look fantastic! And now with irrigation too.
    I might have to admit that I am just a tad jealous - no - I'm really, really jealous!
    What a lot of hard work you have done, it certainly shows.


  5. Wow, you do have a lot of vegie beds....and here I was thinking that 8 tomatoe plants was a lot!!!

  6. That is the system we have in our garden, we needed it otherwise none of our plants would have grown and it is a fab piece of kit.

  7. Everything looks so good, Laura.


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