Friday, October 08, 2010

In the garden today

It's all go! We're having a new fence put in to make an actual driveway down to the Acorn - the Acorn is mum and dad's house and mum is scared of cows! So with the new fence it means no more walking or driving through cows to get there! It also means there well be a nice wee corner that we can plant some trees in. The long term plan is to plant blossom trees down the new driveway but this'll have to wait as we are now totally skint!

Hoping for a bumper crop of mandarins if all the blossom is anything to go by. I love mandarins!

And my roses, they have buds! Yippee!

I have to admit to being rather exhausted today, we've been doing various gardening things and yesterday we painted the whole balustrade that goes round the deck, it's got lots of twiddly bits so it took hours! Just now I've been washing, then  making more pots and re-potting some of the seedlings into larger pots, then tiredness hit me


  1. woah a driveway to the acorn... bit flash aint it arf arf arf

  2. you'll still have to drive over grass! Does that make you feel better! heehee

  3. Your garden looks beautiful. Our flowers are about spent. We've had some chilly mornings and nights.

  4. Good stuff!

    It's a busy time especially when growing seedlings too!

    Very envious of your roses (and mandarins - our x1 tree isn't very big!)


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