Friday, October 08, 2010

On the farm today

Well, the fence is coming on great guns. I love it! It's going to be so great. Mum these pics are for you! Now there won't be any gates to open to get down either. How good is that! And it's not electric ~ joy of joys.

It's rather nice seeing a huge tractor in the paddock too!
It's a bit fancier than ours!

And look! Lachie is growing so fast. We can pat him now a wee bit, he's still very shy though. Candy is such a sweet mum and now that she gets special feeding she rather likes us and lets us scratch her head.

We are seriously thinking about having to sell the steers and just have the highland cows. We are so so incredibly short of grass which is not a good thing at this time of year at all. It's very dry with no real rain forecast and all the wind dried the ground out even further. If the long range forecasts are to be believed we're in for another very dry summer. Anyway, Lloyd was chatting to a friend of ours this afternoon who was up getting some dental treatment done and mentioned that we were thinking we may have to sell the steers and she said - "we'll buy them, we're looking for more stock" what perfect timing! So it may all work out brilliantly.

Isn't he the cutest thing.


  1. Laura's Mum9:58 pm

    Fence looks great, What a wimp I am!

  2. christine1:28 am

    I enjoyed your pics. The calf is adorable.

  3. ooooh! You have to stop showing beautiful photographs of cute Highland babies to my lady! She loves them! Lachie is really the cutest little boy.

  4. Love the fence!!


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