Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Labour weekend is over

And it was certainly full of labour! I feel like Lloyd and I havent really sat down for 4 days. Last night we'd just got half way through our  delicious and well deserved dinner when our lovely neighbour appeared at the door - one of our cows was in her garden. ARGH!! This was one of the places the fencer had been working on ( at great expense!) so we were not incredibly impressed.
Food was left, wellington boots were hauled back on to aching feet and we made a run for it. No idea how it got through an electric, 5 wire post and batten fence but there you go. Anyway we managed to pretty much push it back through and move the cows to another paddock.
This morning Lloyd went to check the fence and guess what - the fencer had forgotten to link the electricity from the new fence to the old fence - everything was done, but just not the linking together!! So the old part wasnt electric at all. It. is. now.

Today has been more veggie gardening, planting, trellis making, spa painting, lawn mowing, sun tan lotion slapping on, as well as all the usual stuff that needs doing every day around here. To say I'm tired would be a bit of an understatement but.....tomorrow I have the hairdresser - an hour of total relaxation - bliss, I can't wait.
This is all I want to do..
 Brodie has the right idea ( he's hiding his head because he knows he's not supposed to be there and I suppose he thinks if he can't see me then I can't see him. Silly boy!)


  1. Oooh naughty cow! Electricity is the only thing that keeps them in...cows are such buggers for escaping even when you think a fence looks pretty secure...learnt that lesson well our first year here after traipsing near and far and wide rounding them up!

    And yes, it does pay for the electricity to be connected :)

  2. Silly Brodie, and hope you get a good pampering at the hairdressers. Found out who the Barcelona away strip was from, Johnny & Laura his Uncle and Auntie (Anders brother and his wife). We clearly didn't make a good Sherlock & Dr Watson!!!

  3. Enjoy your relaxing time at the hairdressers. Your life sounds busy and full of accomplishments.


  4. Oh dear! Not what you wanted after all that hard work.

    Sounds like you've been very busy bees!

    My tomatoes are all hardening off and will be in the ground soon. Need to spend a few hours in the garden digging, composting and mulching first!

  5. Anonymous11:18 am

    Sounds like you are crazy busy. Be sure to take a rest.

  6. Bad cow I guess the grass looked greener on the otherside! I sure hope you've got nice neighbours!


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