Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lovely thing...

Nope, I didn't make it and to be honest, it was only a semi bargain, but since I managed to find The Bargain of the Century I have been searching for another one in paler, more muted colours, which I love. It's taken pretty much since March to find this one. I did find a few others but they were beyond my budget so I missed out. However,  this one I got and I am very glad I missed out on the others as this is nicer! And it's big... really big!

I have a friend, Bella who is making one and it looks totally amazing, but I don't really know how to crochet and wool suppliers are, well, zero up here and I like to feel wool before buying so online isn't so great for that..yeah yeah I'm justifying not doing it myself!
I love it regardless.


  1. If you lived closer I wouls show you how to crochet a rug. It's realy very easy and you would get HOOKED.

  2. What a lovely piece, and yes as Kays Kids said "you would get HOOKED", once you learned to crochet.


  3. I think it looks lovely!

  4. its a beauty... wonder why i bother he he

  5. WendyJW12:47 pm

    Love it! goes well with your look.
    Wish I was a crocheter also! I just don't 'get it' like I get knitting. Being left handed doesn't help either. What a great find though - enjoy your lovely rug


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