Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've mentioned this before in passing but thought it may be worth a proper mention!
About 8 months ago Lloyd had a patient in and  they got onto the subject of farms. She has a farm and mentioned that she gets a lot of help round the place from helpxers. We'd never heard of it before so he asked her about it. Turns out that it is an international website HERE!  Where you can register ~ for free ~ and say a bit about your farm and what kind of jobs you are looking to be done. Then ( usually 20 somethings) can contact you to come and stay and do some work. You need somewhere for them to live and you can either feed them or not. What you do about food will in turn have a lot to do with the hours you can expect them to work. You sort all this out before hand via email conversations!
Since we joined we've had a few young couples who are travelling round New Zealand come to stay and without exception they have been absolutely brilliant. We've had people from Canada, the Uk, Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, the States and Taiwan.  Lovely people who I have been incredibly sad to say goodbye to when their time is up.

Right now we have 4 of the sweetest helpexers staying. Today they are painting the outside of the house ( usually my job!)  This afternoon we have a shelter belt cutter coming round so most likely for a lot of the rest of their stay they will be clearing the off cuts - which will be huge and many - and making another big bonfire.

Meet, Yishan ( up the ladder!) Jenny, HuiHui and Robert.


  1. I am following a blog right now, and they are doing exactly that for a year. I think they've just been in NZ a little over 3 weeks, maybe longer now.

    They are from Colorado.

    Her blog is called Frolics From Scratch.


    They are looking for work around NZ, so maybe you'll hook up.


  2. What a great idea! We could all do so much better with a bit of bartering and swapsies. Good on you Laura.

  3. Fantastic idea! Now I just need somewhere for them to stay and I'll be sorted!

  4. thanks FL - I just left a wee comment for them on their blog. :)

    Rose, it's such a brilliant idea, sometimes I work with them and others I leave them a list and they just get on with it. And it's nice having young folk around the place!

    Charlotte one of our couples went to a shed in the bush with no electricity or water after they left us! So expectations are not high! How about a tent in the garden over summer!?
    I emailed you about the chooks

  5. HelpXers are great and time for us to get some more. I think your 4 may of contacted me but I can't feed 4!! :(


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