Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more cheesy goodness

We spent the day yesterday making more cheese. We have a lovely friend up the road who is a dairy farmer so Phil and Dyrene came down laden with milk, home made salami and oysters! And we set to work.
We made more feta, to the recipe we were taught last weekend and it worked perfectly.
Lloyd also wanted to try something we'd not done before and by luck friends of ours had given him a cheese making book before we left Glasgow. Turned out it was the book recommended by Jean ( the cheesemaker!)
They decided on Queso Blanco - a very easy soft cheese that you can eat right away.

All in all a very successful day!
And the best day to be in making cheese, as the weather was shocking, howling gale with squally hail showers! Hail! We never get hail!!


  1. WendyJW11:30 am

    Your Queso Blanco certainly does look impressive. How long does it keep for? apart from how quickly you munch on it of course!

    The weather. Hmmmmm. We have had the strangest October ever. Nearly 300mm in the last 2 days (other areas in the Sunshine Coast had more than us). Generally flooding and rain rain and more rain. Forecast is clearing by Thursay then rain back next week. ???! Our dam has been overflowing since about Friday. Generally I love the rain but this is just freaky.

  2. Yum. I must dig out my cheese recipes, I did a day course last year and made ricotta, feta and mascarpone.

  3. Looks fantastic, I am a bit jealous. Cheseemaking is on my agenda when I have tamed the garden.

  4. Wendy, flipping heck, that's a lot of rain - I think we're heading for another drought as we've never been this dry at t his time of year, irrigating the garden already. Think we'll have to sell a lot of our cows as we have no grass.

    Not sure how long the cheese will last as we've not made this one before - I'm reckoning same amount of time as milk does in the fridge?

    Rose yes! Make more!

    Anne, you'll get there. When we moved here our veggie garden was over my head with weeds and the garden was just mad. Once youve tamed it theres just keeping it ticking over ( yeah right!)

  5. Marjon3:36 pm

    What's the name of the book you used please Laura? Our cow is about to calve, and I'm keen to make more than butter this time :o)

  6. The cheese looks so good. I really need to start making cheese.

  7. Marjon, the book is called "making great cheese at Home" by Barbara Ciletti.

  8. Down here in Wellington we got pretty excited about the hail, too. :) I'm so jealous that you are able to make your own cheese, it's definitely on my agenda.

  9. Your cheese looks scrummy. Thats not something I've ever thought of making but given the chance...


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