Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Happiness Project - week 32

I've got a couple of happy things this week! Firstly, I do apologise for harping back to Lloyd's iPhone for another Happiness Project post, but it's just so much fun!
These are ore of my freesias which make the living room smell amazing ~ another reason to be happy. ( Gaviscon, not so much Happiness!) 

The second happy thing is the baby ducks and duck bottoms!
Too adorable for words, really.

Heading home for dinner.



  1. What beautiful fluffy darling little duck. Looks as though mum is a good mum.

  2. Well, I thought so too until this morning when she just left them wide open in the paddock and came up here with the others for brekkie. I rounded them up and put them in their nest/hole and waited till she came back.

  3. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Lots of happiness around you.

  4. those duckies are too cute!

  5. What a joy to have those freesia blooms and those sweet little ducks are adorable.



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