Thursday, October 28, 2010

Painting The Acorn

My mum is arriving in a week and a bit, so I thought I should see if The Acorn needed anything doing. I had a look around and apart from a right good clean, I thought some of the paint could do with a wee touch up. 8 hours later, I'm covered in paint and have been down there all day slaving! Not what I had planned for today at all and I am so over painting it's unreal! I haven't even started the cleaning. I'm saving that treat for the weekend.

We're still having the most gorgeous weather - perfect for the garden to be growing beautifully. Our irrigation system is now on a timer and is working it's magic.

I have a fourth broody duck now - so that's all of them either sitting on a nest or looking after babies. I am going to be over run with Silver Appleyard ducks so if anyone wants some you know where to come.

The wild flowers we planted are looking amazing, I'm so glad we planted them.

There are loads there now, I only wish I knew what they were!!


  1. ~*~Beautiful images Laura!!~**~Hugs,Rachel~*~

  2. Is that your i-phone or has your one arrived?

  3. Lovely, ethereal photos.


  4. wow those wild flowers are real beautys - what seeds did you use?? ive planted them in the past but they have always produced rather boring/dull flowers...
    neat to hear your moms coming soon happy times!!

  5. I wish I could remember. We bought a lot of seeds online - all from the same company - but I can neither remember the company or the seeds!! I know they were all mixed. It's worked way better than we even expected.

  6. WendyJW10:33 am

    wow - lovely photos Laura.

    Didn't you post the names of the wild flowers after you planted them? I seem to remember you doing that and I thought how organised you were!!

  7. Wendy, you are right, I did. But I am having a senile moment and I can't remember where it was! I actually think it may have been in reply to you!!


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