Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ok, I got an iPhone.

And I love it.
I never used a mobile phone before ~ well, I had one, but it was in a drawer, but his thing does everything, I'm sure it can probably make the coffee in the morning, I just need to find the App. for it!

It also takes ace pics - well I think they are.
Here's the doggles

Lulah actually sat still for a nanosecond and wee Brodie looks terribly sad here, but he's not! Honest. Bob has assumed his position on the sofa as usual and refuses to move.

I also took these

I love the old fashioned feel to them.  I took one of the house as well but it looks just a little too old fashioned!!

It's another lovely day, a little breezy but sunny and warm.
Hopefully it'll be nice tomorrow as well because we're off out on RandV's boat for a spot of diving and water stuff.
And I know I keep going on about it, but mum gets here soon!!! 
Counting down the days...


  1. Great photos :D I'm like you got a phone but never use it :D

  2. Taking pictures from a phone - will wonders never cease!! They look fabulous.

  3. Now you know why I love taking photos on my i-phone, it is just the best!

  4. OH YES..Lulah and Sophie could be sista's...that is remarkable! How old is she and don't you just want to snuggle her all the time. So pleased to run into you in this blog world!


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