Sunday, October 31, 2010


My roses are blooming, well some are.  I'm so happy with them. Now the question is... will there be any roses left at christmas time!? They smell amazing, really old fashioned. So far one of them is blooming, another is just about to and the other two have lots of buds on them. I fed them all today and checked for bugs, never has anything in this garden been so nurtured! And it's funny, because when we first moved here I took out a lot of roses, they were thorny and old and to be honest, nothing special. I knew nothing about gardening then, but if it had been now, I may have pruned some of them right back and replanted them in more appropriate places, but I didn't know stuff like that then, so I just took them out and gave them to the neighbours!
Also I wasn't really into roses at all. If truth be told I'm still not, just these 4 plants I have, because they're special.
To me, anyway!

Ok, this is obviously not a rose, it's a daisy of sorts. Just thought it was pretty, too

We've just been doing bits and pieces in the garden. A few of the sprinklers in the veggie garden had stopped working so we wanted to get to the bottom of that - we couldn't believe it was a pressure issue as we have incredibly good water pressure ( v big pump!) turns out the water is not the cleanest in the world as our sand filter is old and beginning to *read, HAS* fallen apart, but it is mucho expensive to repair so that's not going to happen! Anyway, it meant some of the spray heads got blocked so it was simple to either blow (yeah!) the gunk out or suck ( ew!) when it wouldn't blow out. We're going to invest in little inline filters! Seems like a good idea as who knows what we might be sucking!


  1. I adore roses and yours are very beautiful. Sometimes old rose bushes don't look so great but the roses are often beautiful and have fabulous perfume.

  2. Quote:- Seems like a good idea as who knows what we might be sucking!

    Little sugar ants more than likely. They love to build little nests in irrigation equipment.

    I can just about smell the roses too. Maa.

  3. Anonymous1:25 pm

    I love roses.


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