Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bad day/Good day

Yesterday was not the best day. I fed all the animals in the morning, mum and I went out for about an hour and when we came home the young ducklings - the 2 I kept -  were nowhere to be seen. They are 4 weeks old and really pretty large and were out free ranging with their mum. She was here but there was nothing to be seen of the ducklings, not even a feather. Most people reckon it was a hawk and I suppose that's probably all it could have been, but I have never seen a hawk over the house part of the farm and would it have got 2 at the same time? Anyway I fear they are gone and it's really sad.
Then the next disaster. Joseph, our ancient donkey is now blind in one eye and when I was leaving to pick mum up from the hairdresser I noticed that he was standing on the wrong side of the electric fence leaning on it, getting a shock every second. He would have been like this for at least an hour and I don't know what even made me look backwards when I was leaving. I ran to his paddock hoping to lead him out, but when I touched him I got a shock from his bridle. I ran as fast as I could back to the woolshed and turned off the electric fence then ran back to him. He was just standing there, sweating. Then he laid down. I patted him and gave him some water. Zoomed to get mum then came straight back to him. He was still just lying down on top of the, now not electric, wire. This could not have been very comfy so I thought Ah stuff it, I'm cutting this wire than at least he'll be comfy. So I cut the fence and he stood up. Still looking very dazed. We checked on him lots but he was sort of the same for the evening. This morning we got up thinking we'll have to phone the vet, however he has perked up and seems back to normal ( normal is a very, very old donkey) We are having a think over the weekend about what we're going to do, but it's a quality of life thing, really isn't it. I fear we are going to be making a very hard decision soon.
So all in all yesterday could have been better.

Today dawned clear and hot. It's the day of the A&P show which I love. We got there for about 9am and wandered around. I love the 'petting tent' I'm sure it's really for children, but its filled with baby animals of all sorts. It's lovely.

 By the time we left the grass in the front of this photo was filled with cars, we've never seen it so busy, and wasn't the weather good to us.

My favorite were the baby alpacas. Too much cuteness.

We spent the morning there then came back home, checked on the dogs and Jojo then went out for lunch to somewhere rather special. Kauri Cliffs. We thought it would be a lovely surprise for mum. It was an amazing lunch.
It's a stunning place.

We had a tasting menu which was totally lovely.
Lloyd and mum had rather a lot of wine :)
We had such a good time, which made up for yesterday a bit.

 this is all that was left of the salad!

Home again now. Sun is still shining, Lloyd has had to go for a lie down and mum is collapsed on a bean bag outside reading a good book.
I think I'll join her.


  1. Im so sorry to hear about your animals.. :( . thanks for sharing the better part of your day with us though..great photos Laura!!! Hugs,Rachel

  2. WendyJW10:00 pm

    Poor duckings, poor Joseph .... but they do say that an electric shock adds years to your life?!?!
    What a magnificent day for the show - looks perfect. I'm sure you must pinch yourself now and again - to live in such a beautiful spot. Your mum looks like she is having a beaut time too - is she staying till Christmas? Have fun anyway and make the most of each others' company.

  3. Goodness gracious, what a sad morning with your critters.

    The afternoon was much better and what a beautiful country you live in. It looks like your Mum is having a lovely time with you.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh Laura, what a hard upsetting day. Glad things are looking better. Here's an animal smile for you: we are just back from walking Bill on our local dog beach and we saw a whale!

  5. Very sad about your beloved animals. It is so hard.
    Love the food I'm hungry!

  6. Wow Rose, that is SO cool!

    And lovely news the ducklings came home and Jojo does seem to have perked up a lot.

  7. So glad to hear that Joseph is doing well. Poor guy. Those food photos are wonderful.

  8. Animals are such a worry! Glad to here all is ok though

    Speaking of which my niece's pet calf got caught in a fence and almost strangled herself the other day. Lucky my brother in law was there to give man to calf resuscitation!

    Your lunch looks divine! How wonderful :)

    We won't be able to make our local A&P show this year but we usually go along. I love watching all the Best in Shows. It's amazing how different the "pedigree" versions of farm animals are to the ordinary every day ones. Must be all that grooming and good bloodlines :)

  9. I think the beef and ravioli looks delish.


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