Friday, November 19, 2010

bit manic yesterday morning

If anyone was wondering why I was doing so much stuff yesterday morning, it was to take my mind off the afternoon.
After much soul searching we arranged for the vet to come and put Jojo to sleep.
I'd like to say both Mat, the vet ~ who knows Jojo well ~ and Lex, the digger driver made this a much more bearable thing to go through. They are so lovely and I know they'll never read this, but thank you both, from the bottom of my heart.

Good night, lovely boy xx


  1. Oh Laura, I am so sorry. What happened? He was beautiful.
    So sorry, Amy

  2. Amy, he was very very old, had athritis and had gone totally blind ( which in itself would actually have been ok) The vet had done loads of tests, but there was actually nothing coming up, it was just old age.In all honesty we've known we needed to do this but have put it off, he'll not be in pain now, but it's heartbreaking. We have Rachel, his wife who has been with him for almost their whole life so we're going to have to see how she copes. I have very very puffy eyes this morning! Even the vet had a wee sniff.

  3. Oh flower, I am so so sorry for you and Lloyd. I know how hard this will have been, even when you know it is something you have to do it still hurts a lot. Big hugs and kisses to you both and Rachel.

  4. oh dear joseph we'll miss your 'grumpy' self fur sure but we know L&L did the nicest thing for you - the hardest act of kindness, our tails are sagging and b's face is streaming - loves and licks to you all xxx

  5. Laura, I am just so sorry. He is so beautiful. Poor Rachel. This makes me cry. How old was he? I have five and I read they live to be quite old but I am curious when you saw a big downturn in his health?
    Thinking of you, Amy

  6. he was almost 30, so a ripe old age. I reckon it's been really the last 6 months. He went from being a happy, affectionate donkey to being withdrawn and grumpy. They get their feet done every 10 weeks and he used to stand still as a rock, but he started to get really cross, obviously cos he was in pain. His coat is completely matted and you could tell he was depressed. Then he suffered a kick to his face - we think it was Rachel. It was quite bad and could or could not have caused the blindness, but he went blind in the eye that was on the side of the kick first. All he could do was walk round in circles and he had no idea really where the fences were. We've tried all sorts of hard feed etc to get weight back on him and regular visits from the vet. Final straw was when he got trapped behind the electric fence last week and because he can't see he just rested on it and got shocked. It was awful. So vet was called again and he just looked at us and said, the choice is yours, but I think it's time. He was right. He had no quality of life any more and was in such a lot of pain. So sad to see.
    So, yes it was a gradual decline over about 6 months or so. You can just tell really.

  7. I've had to take a family pet to the vet to be put down in the past. It was very hard but it would have much harder to see it in pain and suffering. You did JoJo a kindness.

  8. Hugs to both you, Lloyd and little Rachel.

    Love Georgina & Andy xxxxx

  9. WendyJW11:44 am

    Hugs to you all - thinking of you

  10. I'm in tears here Laura, and i never met Joseph, but i loved hearing your stories about him and he sounded like just a character :-(

    Like you say, he's not in pain anymore, but it's living that have to bear the lost. I hope one day you'll find a lovely friend for Rachel (not a replacement).

    Hugs, Julie xxxxx

  11. I am sorry Laura, he's at peace now. It's a tough call to know when but at least we can make the choice for our animals. Cyber hugs.

  12. Laura,
    I am so sorry.

  13. Anonymous10:33 pm

    oh Laura, what a sad day for you all...I'm glad your Mum is there to cheer you up,

    love from coffeee Sue

  14. Awww Laura, the right decision but always a hard one, it's the ultimate act of kindness and love to show to a beloved animal when you end their pain and suffering. But boy it can hurt. Sending BIG (((HUGS)))♥

  15. Big Kiwi {{{ [ hUgZ ] }}}

    It's always sad to say goodbye to a dear friend and Joseph had been a part of your family for a very long time.

    Talk about him often and love him forever! ♥♥♥

  16. Belated sympathy Laura. I've always hated the thought of getting 'old' and it's because there are so many goodbyes ahead of us. Big hugs. Maa.xox


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