Friday, November 19, 2010

Soap part 2

Firstly thank you for the good wishes and hugs for Joseph. It really does help.
and you're all lovely.
ok, now the soap... continued from yesterday.
My concerns about getting it out of the mould were correct!
It wasn't budging one bit. So I did a wee internet search and came up with putting it in the freezer for, well anywhere between a 'couple of minutes' to 4 hours. ( so the web said, so it must be true)
Mine needed to be in for over an hour but it came out! Result.
I was warned that it would be a bit moist doing it this way so to try and not get finger marks all over it.
It is now cut up into pie shapes and has started it's cure. ( on top of the bedroom drawers) Now to begin the long wait.

It looks rather less like lovely lavender flower encrusted soap and more like mouldy blue cheese, but who knows, maybe I'll start a trend!
I'm rather delighted with it, and will definitely be doing it again.


  1. Your soap looks wonderful. I bet it makes wonderful gifts around the holidays.

  2. WendyJW11:46 am

    Looks lovely and creamy! I can almost smell it from here.

  3. Laura, I think it looks beautiful. Seriously I do. I know it will be fabulous!
    Amy :)

  4. It looks marvellous to me! Here's a giggle: my word verification is "sudsy".

  5. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Your soap looks fabulous. Don't you just love it cut into wedges? When I put lavender in my soap the heat cooks it and turns it a yucky brown color, but it smells great.

  6. My , that cheese, I mean soap looks fabulous...
    Tell me really if it was scary Laura, cos I so want to give it a go, but I am a little scared to do it...
    I missed your post yesterday about your old friend, it breaks your heart to do that..I think anyone who has had to make that choice will agree.but honestly, imagine the relief of no more pain...His wife will be sad, and will need some extra visits I would think.xx

  7. That looks great cut into wedges, hadn't thought of doing it that way

  8. Thanks for the soap talk...I will start to gather my ingredients...I would love to make some scrubby soap to keep outside near my outdoor sink...
    as for the tea set, I agree totally, like, who dosnt have one?
    and and make me

  9. Was the lavender dried before you put it in the soap Laura?? It may indeed got mouldy if it is not dried....I learned this the hard way :-) Good on you for giving it a go, I love making my own soap and it makes lovely gifts for for friends.

  10. it was dried ( whew!) still smells gorgeous though - when I walk into our bedroom it smells all lavendery.

  11. Well done you on making this work, as I said, I am impressed as it is not something I can see me doing, but who knows I can be fickle that way! They look pretty, and I laughed at your blue cheese comment, as long as they don't smell like it I am sure they will be a huge success!

  12. Nice job,Laura! It's always interesing to try different things with soapmaking to see how it comes out.

    I am sorry about your old friend,these decisions are so difficult,but he is much happier now,I am sure.

  13. Good wishes to you all ()
    Very lovely soap - hmm I do need to give that a go - looks amazing!

  14. Great job. I think it looks pretty like that.

  15. It looks good. Sorry about your donkey how sad.

    I'm gearing up to make some soap too. But I'm going to use beef fat for my first batch as we were given a whole lot yesterday!

    Won't be making it for a few days though, have to render the fat into tallow first!

  16. This soap looks lovely! And, I sneaked a peak at your gorgeous cottage. Love it. It's as tiny as mine and we like it that way.

  17. Hi, looks great!! interesting..


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