Friday, November 26, 2010

A few things

Yesterday it was our wedding anniversary. We've been married for 8 years and I just can't believe how quickly they've flown past. I think mum summed it up for us when she said " You both make eachother so happy" and she's right!
Happy anniversary, my lovely.

I took mum down to Auckland on Wednesday so she could catch her flight home. This was the first time I'd ever driven to Auckland and home again by myself - thank goodness for sat nav! And even then I did get lost a wee bit. It was fun, we did a lot of shopping which is so unlike me it's unbelievable!! Maybe it was the excitement of being in a city or something! I did get some lovely fabric.
I can't believe mum has been and gone already. It seems to go faster each time she comes over. 
We stayed in the Quadrant again and went to Kermadec for dinner. I've been there once before and really liked it. They surpassed themselves this time. We had the most lovely waiter and the food was spectacular.
Mum treated us to the tasting menu.
 Southern ocean kingfish carpaccio, yuzu juice, mirin, soya bean, daikon, pink radish, fresh coppers folly wasabi

 Scallops, butter apple, toasted oats and milk, hazelnut butter, rosemary

 Wild Red deer, beetroot purée, Tarakan chocolate, Banyuls, shallot, raspberries

 Iced blueberry balloon, cassis, olive oil, cheesecake, baby sorrel

note the macaroon on the far left... oh yum!  These were actually mum's ~ they came with her coffee but she halved them with  me.

Such pretty food!
See you in April, mum.

Oh and while I was away the next lot of baby ducks were born. There are 6. They all look totally fine, but one is much smaller than the others. I'll make an attempt to catch them today and put them in the other 'safe house'. What a palaver!

And after that I may have a day of rest.


  1. Congratulations and I remember that day well and still have the engraved stone you gave as invitations. Two lovely people together is a wonderful thing xxoo

  2. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. We just had our 20th! :-)

    The food looks great, has been a while since I've been there.

  3. WendyJW10:58 am

    Happy Anniversary you happy two!
    ..... and a serious Y U M to the food! looks totally delish.
    Glad you had such a lovely time with your Mum - hope you can get your Dad to travel sometime soon.

  4. Happy anniversary to you! And all those lovely foods....the macaron got me instantly. I am passionate about those little treats!!!


  5. Congrats Laura and Lloyd, may you have many more happy years.

  6. Congratulations! Oh, what yummy looking food! So glad you had a good time w/your mum.

    Blessings from Ohio/USA...Kim<><

  7. Happy Anniversary Laura...x

  8. Claire6:53 pm

    I love the pictur of you two there, you both look so deleriously happy it makes me smile to just look at it! Wishing you both many many more years and a gloriously happy ever after, Claire, Steve, Amber, and a selection of animals xx

  9. Happy Belated Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary.

  11. Congratulations! Wonderful looking food - hope your mum had a safe flight homex

  12. Such a lovely photo!


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