Saturday, November 27, 2010

the garden

It is gorgeous today. I've been in my wee sewing shed making a tunic out of the white linen I got down in Auckland. It's really difficult to get just pure, simple plain linen here, so I was really happy when I found some. I needed another white linen tunic as my old one has been so worn to death that it's coming out in holes because the fabric has got so thin! Going to be a gardening item of clothing now - may sew on a huge pocket at the front so I can collect the eggs in it!

Maude is broody - so Ms Lottie is saving me some light sussex eggs and some silver laced wyandottes. We've had so many baby birds this year. No ducks next year as I'm not keeping any boys!!

Lovely fluffy clouds!


  1. So where did you find the linen? I'd love to know about new fabric places to explore.

  2. That looks so lovely and warm! We've had our first sticking snow here overnight! It's going to be nice to re-live the warm months through my friends in Aotearoa.

  3. Centrepoint. In Newmarket. There are a few fabric shops there - just off the main street. But Centrepoint is my favourite!

  4. Great photo stitching!

    Laura please show us the tunic when it's done. I wonder why it's so hard to buy linen? It's the same over here.


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