Sunday, November 07, 2010

Inaugural Pizza Oven Night

We had NandS round last night to christen the Pizza oven. Well, it was more like a trial run and boy, did we need a trial run! When we do our pizzas in the house oven we put the pizza stone in about an hour before so it's super hot. I suggested we do this for the pizza oven as well, so stone was put in. Oven got up to 350c at one point! Anyway when it was time to do the first pizza we took the stone out and made the pizza on the stone - well! The pizza was cooking burning on the stone before it even went into the oven! So the first attempt, though looked pretty good, was actually burnt to a crisp on the bottom. Lesson learned ~ we took the stone out of the oven and let it cool...a lot!
As you can see - black charred.
Second one was much more successful until the third one where I think we got it down pretty well.
We also had a Caesar Salad with the first of the home grown lettuce. Yum.
So all in all it was a success and a learning experience! We are, however, completely delighted with the oven.

 If you go to A Bite to Eat you can see more about the actual making of the pizzas.


  1. Ah, I am green with envy, was promised a pizza oven for my last christmas present, still hasnt materialised! Yours looks fantastic.

  2. It looks so good.


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