Saturday, November 06, 2010

A bit of history

I went for a wee drive this morning ~ a slightly different way into town ~ there are loads of roadworks on my usual route. It was rather good, actually, as I took a wee detour to the Mission House  at Waimate North. This is one of the oldest houses in NZ. We live in a very historical part of the country, with Waitangi only 20 minutes away.
 The church and the graveyard at Waimate are rather lovely too, I like graveyards.



  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Thanks for putting these up Laura, I was really missing seeing all your lovely photos of the Bay of Islands and all around Northland.

  2. Aw thanks! I must do more of them. I think when you've been in a place for a while you sort of forget how lovely it is!

  3. Nice pictures.


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