Monday, November 22, 2010

veggie garden

I've just been composting some borage that was well past its best. Even with thick gloves on some of the wee spikes went right through and into my hands. I am not liking wee spikey things in my hands!
 Brandywine tomato

 'the corn is as high as an elephants eye'

Our new irrigation system is working terrifically. Finally, with the warm weather things seem to be growing faster than they were. My alderman peas are already about 2 feet taller than me ( not hard as I'm 5ft 3) and have their first pods on them. I was so impressed that I planted another lot a couple of weeks ago.

Kopi cat the helper, garlic to the right of her, courgettes to the left...

The gem squash have their first flowers. Nothing yet on the cucumbers but at least they are growing. Tomatoes are all looking good with the exception of one which is at least half the size of the rest. I can see no reason for this as it look healthy enough.

 All in all I am delighted with how things are looking on the veggie front. I might have been a wee bit late getting them  in, but they're coming along nicely.

First hydrangeas

Mum only has one full day left up here, then the 2 of us head down to Auckland for a night then she's off home again. I just cannot believe how quickly her trip has gone. Anyone got any ideas on how to persuade a dad who has problems walking any distance to swallow his pride and get a chair at the airport? I would dearly love to see my dad over here again and it would mean they could stay for a couple of months rather than 2 weeks. ( Roll on April, eh Dad?) 

Oh yes I knew there was something else. Our dental practice got broken into yesterday... twice. Close your eyes now if you don't want to be offended by my bad language. Are they closed?  Yes?  Right.


Ok got that out of my system, except to say Claire ~ lovely dental nurse and Debbie ~ lovely receptionist...thank you and we love you.

ok what else?
Loyd has made tiramisu for dinner tonight, well not the whole dinner, but the desert part - so soon we'll all be stuffing our faces



  1. Your garden looks beautiful, its just lovely when things are growing and its all full of green, and neat looking...
    Maybe one of your tomatoes is different to the type of the others, I have about four different ones, all different heights, all planted at the same time, same sized might surprise you!

  2. Jealous much of your garden!

    And I join you with your thoughts about low lives who break into places. Hex on them.

  3. Claire9:07 pm

    Hey I got a mention on your wonderful blog today!! I feel all famous now, and extremely priveledged (sp?)... on another note, I've made certain gardeners in my house look again at your gorgeous veggie garden and tried in vain to convince him I need raised borders! And I'm supremely jealous of your tiramisu!! Pudding of the Gods!!!

  4. Yes, you have a beautiful garden. i liked..

  5. Amazing garden - x - very unlike my own one in November here - enjoy pudding!

  6. Garden is looking great, everything doing well there. I don't think you need to worry about planting 'late'!

    Bummer about the dental practice getting broken into again..

    I expect tiramisu was just what you needed!

  7. The garden is just lovely. You are a regular Beatrix Potter. Parents can be stubborn at times, I've experienced this myself. Glad you have enjoyed your time. So sorry about the break-ins. That is just awful. So very sorry,

  8. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Wow, your garden is simply beautiful. I can't see that your tomatoes have nets on them, how do you keep the birds away? I had to buy a net because I have been waiting for some of my tomatoes to get ripe and there was one that was so close, but the birds got to it and ate half of it (sigh!). And the cat is no help either ;-).

    Lea White

  9. Your garden looks wonderful. I can't believe your mum is leaving soon. It seems like she just got there.


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