Sunday, November 21, 2010

Roses, roses, everywhere!

 Remember when the roses arrived ? Well I'm getting so many flowers now. They're beautiful. I should have, perhaps, got some different colours, not just pink and white, but I can rectify this easily (by buying more.) I love them, and the smell is just amazing.
I think this year I may have got the timing a little wrong as I'm not sure we will have any for christmas, because I've just picked most of the flowers and filled 2 vases so I'm doubtful more will grow in time, but we'll see. Perhaps if I feed them huge amounts of rose food...?

I really wish you could get scratch and sniff computers!


  1. I did the same Laura, now mine are bare.. :( but I was thinking too , if I feed them they may just give me some more in time...
    I had a friend at primary school who had a scratch and sniff had a pineapple on it with a smily face...I always remember it...maybe I was a tad green of it....and of the other friend who had ABBA knee high socks...x
    Enjoy sniffing..............

  2. I love your roses. I have added your blog to my sidebar I hope you don't mind x

  3. Just beautiful, I'm very envious!

  4. Those are beautiful roses.


  5. Oh HOW BEAUTIFUL. I love for roses. Love the colors :)

  6. Anonymous10:33 am

    As long as you keep cutting them, they should produce new buds (it fools them into thinking that they haven't fruited yet, so they chuck out more flowers in the hope of fruit and reproduction) but stop in autumn to give the plant a chance to gather strength for the winter. Mine have just quietened down for the Scottish winter :-)

  7. WendyJW11:27 am

    Gorgeous colour and I can just imagine the scent. It is difficult to resist cutting too many isn't it?

  8. I love roses. We don't have any, but we have a community garden that has so many different ones.

    Lea White

  9. Anonymous4:59 pm

    They are gorgeous!! I wish I could smell them!!

  10. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Oh my goodness!!! I could actually SMELL those gorgeous roses when the pictures downloaded! Amazing how your superb photography aroused my sense of smell from my memory.

    Ahhh, thanks for the wiff of summertime. Winter now feels like a slap in the face.



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