Friday, December 03, 2010

Basil, tomato and mozzarella salad

Dinner last night!

I just toast some crusty bread, put the salad on top of it and add olive oil and balsamic. The basil is from the garden, the tomatoes are from New World ( ours are only flowering) and the mozzarella is from Mahoe Cheese. We're lucky enough to have them just a few minutes from the house. If you ask them nicely they will make up a bucket of mozzarella ( and just put it in brine) especially for you when they're making a batch and it is simply delicious. It's a real summer staple of ours, and to be honest we couldn't make it for what they charge us - we love the folk at Mahoe!

Oh and just to say, thinking of all my lovely family and friends in the Uk who are presently under about 4 feet of snow - poor mum got a terrible shock when she arrived back from 2 weeks of glorious hot, sunny weather, with a lovely tan, to minus whatever and a country covered in snow. Mad as it would seem, I would actually rather like to be there. I love snow. It's our Christmas Parade this evening in town and its incredibly humid and hot - and I think it should be snowy and white at Christmas!
Anyway, I'm of to mow the lawns - smothered in factor 30!


  1. I just get so jealous reading about your weather and it seems so strange that things could be so different and yet on the same planet. That salad looks fabulous! I love to mow the yard--I miss it :)

  2. Oh to be warm. It is rather chilly today. I just came in with my dog and my hands are frozen. Your salad is something that I make a lot of in the summer time. Enjoy your summer foods. We sure do enjoy ours.

  3. Indeed the snow is with us - went to the supermarket this evening and there were empty shelves and freezers! If it continues, I think rationing might be introduced!!!

  4. I'll trade weathers with you! And the salad looks delicious!


  5. One of my fave salads too. Yum!

  6. Your dinner looks delicious. I would be more than happy to send you some of my snow.


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