Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One thing after another today!

We had arranged to go out on the boat for a spot of fishing and meeting up with NandS. Lloyd spent a couple of hours yesterday getting everything ready, filling petrol tanks, making sure the engine started and generally getting the boat organised for it's first outing of the season.
We headed off to Waitangi and got the boat into the water with no problems. I jumped on then Lloyd started her up  - the engine roared into life and off we went - or so we thought. The steering wheel just went round in circles while the engine stayed in the same position. We had absolutely no steering! Oh joy.  It was obvious the steering cable had snapped and if it's going to do it then just off the slip is probably the safest place, so lucky there - but we were heading towards a huge post thing and lots of moored boats. Lloyd put her into reverse and we glided back to the shingle shore - no harm done, but our boating day came to a rather swift end!
As I was coming back up the slip a lady who was just launching her boat said that we could come out with her and her husband if we wanted - how lovely was that, and Hone, who runs Taiamai Tours was just launching the Waka and came over to see what the problem was. So we wouldn't have been stranded - thank you lovely people!
© Taiamai Tours

We phoned the boat garage and took her straight there, lovely Rob took out the cable and is coming over to the house tomorrow to fit a new one. What amazing service.
Then on the way home the jeep over heated big time! The temperature gauge went off the scale and loads of smoke belched out of the bonnet. We got home and have just abandoned the jeep in the middle of the yard with the boat still joined on! We'll think about that later... we're going to look at some alpacas for Lloyd's birthday. Determined to make the day a bit better!


  1. Thats three things, the smoky table, the boat, and the jeep...
    Relax now......x

  2. My goodness what an adventure! I hope your week goes a lot better!

  3. Hi, nice pictures.. i liked..

  4. Laura, you live in an enchanting, beautiful place. Wow-that water looks so pretty. I want alpacas too--good luck with the search :)

  5. Day got better! :) We went to an Alapca farm just 10 minutes away and have chosen our three new babies. Mum and dad are giving Lloyd 2 for his birthday and I'm giving him one. Theres a white one, an almost black one with wee white bits and a sort of champagne coloured one. Much Cuteness! We get them in May when they are weaned and 6 months old. yeah!

    Amy, that water is SO inviting, especially in this heat!

  6. Ohhhh - alpaca fibre!!

  7. I'm with Charlotte - Alpaca fibre!

  8. I know! Not sure how much you get off of three! may have to save up a few sheerings. I'm going to the alpaca place in December to do a felting morning - the 18th if any one else fancies it - I'm the only one going so far!

    Can't wait to learn something new. Lloyd thinks I should learn how to spin it - but felting is fine for starters. ( or ever!)

  9. he he he we knew you would eventually get some alpacas.... MAY thats over half a year away.... aaargh BUT with we will get too see them on our next labour weekend visit... woof hoo!

  10. Hi Laura,
    I convene the Northland Alpaca Cluster Group. This is a group open to all alpaca owners. There are no fees or rules. We just get together once every two months on a Sunday for an alpaca chat, sharing successes, problems etc. We have members from Warkworth north and vary the venue. Most meetings are in the Whangarei vicinity to make it equidistant for driving. Let me know if you want to go on the mailing list for announcement of meetings.

  11. Yikes what a succession of bad luck events you had there! We have had a few boating dramas also, it's such a shame after all the preparation and excitement to have to go back in, but at least you had helpful folk about. Better luck next time.
    Great photo of Hone!

  12. Gay, we would like that very much, thank you :)

    Isn't it Bridget! I got it from his website, he didn't have his gun with him yesterday!

  13. I heard the wool from alpacas is beautiful. What a special place you live in.

  14. You'll need to send me your email address, Laura, so that I can send you email newsletters re the cluster group meetings.
    My email is gay@lallybroch.co.nz.

    Don't know if you are aware the Whangarei Show is on this coming weekend and on Sunday there is an alpaca show with 100 animals entered, should be fun
    Gay Moller


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