Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ducks, ducks and more ducks!

Remember the baby ducks, well they're not so little any more!

In this photo, in the group on the right of big ducks, three of these are babies! Not that you can tell the difference anymore!

In this photo, the group of five on the left is the last group of babies and they're just 4 weeks old!

There is one other group of mum and 7 babies, they were wandering around the garden loving the rain.

And on that note, you can see the rain came, especially to welcome Lloyd's mum and dad.


  1. Oh they look just lovely. I'd love to see a photo of a duck egg (or a duck egg omlette!), I've never actually seen/eaten one before.

    Can you just eat them boiled like you would a chicken egg?

  2. they are lovely and SO funny! My ducks lay huge white eggs, but they're really difficult to find - they lay them all over the place but sort of hide them cos they cover them in leaves so you can't see them easily. Once you find a nest you can get the eggs so long s you leave one so the duck keeps laying there for a wee while then she gets wise to you so stops and makes another nest some where and the game start again! At the moment I have no idea where mine are laying!
    The eggs are like a huge rich chicken egg - really good for baking cakes.
    We use ours just the same way you would chicken eggs.

    Oh and good luck with your new cat! You'll be fine - they are gorgeous!

  3. Oh they are so cute. I love my duckies and yours are precious. Looks like a perfect day for them!

  4. Look at all those ducks!!!
    And the rain came just at the right time to wash away all their plops off your deck!!!!

  5. Ooooh I love ducks! We are hoping to dig out a swampy area and make a pond...one day. Definitely on the One Day List.

    Yes, rain and lots of wind too! It's because all the Aucklanders have come North to go camping. It's like Mother Nature flicks a switch as soon as she spots them emerging from the Puhoi Tunnel! I do (kind of) feel sorry for them....camping in this weather sucks, speshly for the kids.

  6. They are beautiful! Lovely colors!

  7. It's amazing how quickly ducklings grow. Only 4 weeks old? Wow.


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