Monday, December 27, 2010

I have been so lazy!

Exhaustion set in and I have been too tired to type! 
ok that's a slight exaggeration but I have been tired. It's been super humid again ~ that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Well that and L and I have been getting stuck in to the garden and clearing stuff in readiness for his mum (Penny) and dad (Alan) coming. I'm lucky in that I love my inlaws. We get on just great and I can't wait for them to get here.
We've done mucho exciting stuff like clearing out the cupboard under the barbeque and tidying the larder, because of course they will be checking these things.
I have managed to get into the veggie garden though, and potter around, it's all growing like mad in there. I've a faithful helper - well when I say helper I really mean lounger - she lounges around under a rose bush while I potter

but she's great company.

Oh and I have not one, but 2 broody chooks.
Buttercup went broody, which was fine, she is one of last years hatchings so I got some eggs from Charlotte ( Arauncanas, Light Sussex and Silver laced Wyandottes) and she sat happily on them then surprisingly Millicent who I have had for 4 yeas and who has never shown the slightest hint of broodiness kept pushing Buttercup off her eggs and sitting on them, sure enough she was broody too. But it was all too much for the eggs and 2 of them got broken ☹  So I put Millicent into the wee chicken house in the hopes that it would either break her broodiness or she would go broody in there and I could give her some eggs. Well, three days in and I think she may be staying broody. She stomped around for a day ish but now she's mostly sitting on the three plastic eggs I put in for her so I'll give her a couple more days to make sure then I'll give her some of Buttercups eggs, Buttercup  is a small wee thing and she's not managing very well even with the eggs she's got so I have no idea how we'll get on with hatching them.  Time will tell. ( well 8th of January will tell!) 
and just coz...


  1. It doesn't sound like you've been lazy to me! lol! Love the kitty and puppy pics!

    My inlaws are my best friends. We get along great too! From what I hear this is rare. We are blessed!

  2. Anonymous2:49 am

    So funny.....hens fighting over eggs like little children! We have a chicken/chook in our neighborhood in the middle of town. She just showed up one day late last winter and has hung around all by herself. I'm wondering how she'll fare this winter out in the elements all by herself, although she has a hedge she goes to, and she is sitting on eggs. What she eats, I don't know, and surely there's nothing to eat in the winter. Love hearing about your summertime activities.


  3. You can tell I'm not a farm girl for I don't know what brooding means. Guess I'll have to look that one up on google. Ha.

  4. Ooo I like the photos of your cat, I am getting a little kitten tomorrow night, my first one ever.

    I've no idea of how to take care of one.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the photos of the cat and dog. Wonderful!!


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