Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Pizza Night

We decided to fire up the pizza oven. It's been such a lovely day we thought we'd let it go on a bit longer and have dinner outside, so we did!
I made some pizza dough and got tomatoes from a lovely lady in town who has a polytunnel so her tomatoes are ready and rather delicious. ( mine are still green and the size of large marbles)  We'd also been to Mahoe Cheese a few days ago and got some of their spectacular mozzarella so with a handful of basil from the garden and some of last summers passata defrosted and reduced down we were set.

I think we got the oven and the timing pretty spot on tonight as the pizzas were just lovely.
It was a gorgeous evening and it was so nice sitting out with just us and the dogs.


  1. Looks like the perfect pizza to me.
    With a perfect evening to match.

  2. That looks and sounds perfectly delicious, and like you both and the pooches had a wonderful evening.


  3. Laura that is just gorgeous looking, I'm wrapped up in my pjs and a fleece *looking* at the wind/rain slapping past the window thinking how gorgeous it would be to have a bit of that yummy looking pizza outside. Even the dogs look full of energy!! Excellent to get some early tomatoes.......

  4. I can't get over your beautiful green grass. And to see your husband in shirt sleeves. Oh, and to be dinning outside. How amazing. I'm over in the US praying we get snow.

  5. Laura, what a beautiful evening to be outside. The pizza looks wonderful and that blue sky with a glass of wine. Perfect :)

  6. A wonderful evening for the family.

  7. i love the doglets going for it in the yard... run run run!

  8. It doesnt get much better does it! Lovely photos - Im throwing a snowball at you as we speak!

  9. It was gorgeous!
    oh but I wouldn't mind a snow ball fight!!


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