Friday, December 10, 2010

Macaroon Heaven!

If you've been reading this blog for a wee while you'll know about my history with macaroons.  If not, have a look HERE and here (where I actually get to eat one!)  I've really wanted to make them again but haven't plucked up the courage.I was obviously scarred by the whole ordeal.
Anyway, this weekend Claire and Debbie had a car dilemma. Debbie's car broke down on the way to Action World in Paihia. All I did was stagger around in my pj's while Steve got a tow rope from us. I lent them my car so they could carry on, but it wasn't like I was using it!  
I've been down in Auckland for a couple of days ( that's another story) and when I got home these were waiting for me.
( they are for Lloyd too and I promise to share them! )

 I can't believe the bother they must have gone to get them cos I'm pretty sure you can't get them up here. So I just wanted to thank them in the most public way possible! I think you two are flipping great! 
Thank you so so so much. They are the best present ever!


  1. We have French friends that individually hand make these one by one and sell that at our local farmers markets....too die for!

  2. Anonymous5:59 pm

    OH MY GOOD GRAVY!!! You are on lucky woman! I love those cookies!!!


  3. Like you the art of macaroon making has eluded me. O hot so frustrated making them last year that on my last attempt I accidentaly left the sugar out of the chocolate meringues and they came out like glittery cat poo! Oh to have a box of these lovelies - lucky gal!

  4. I am so lucky! and I have to be honest the box doesn't look as full as this now!

    Glittery cat poo - that made me laugh out loud!

  5. Claire7:34 am

    Debs and I are famous now!!! I can probably speak for her too when I say WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! lol!! And you did more than just give us the rope Laura, lovely!! You gave us proper coffee afterwards, listened to us rambling on about trapezes and things and entertained our kids with your pooches!! x

  6. I loved reading about those - and when you say its a 'guddle' in the recipe - so very scottish - we use that word alot. I want to move to NZ for the food - it looks just amazing!!!

  7. WendyJW12:59 pm

    They are lovely - you are lucky - and nice to others - others are lovely to thank you with these lovelies!

  8. Oh they're so pretty! Almost (almost but not quite) too pretty to eat.

  9. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Gee Laura, if I didn't know better, I would think you liked macaroons.

  10. So pretty, almost too pretty to eat!

    Well, then again, maybe not...

  11. they are all gone - we ate them all last night and they were melt in the mouth delicious!


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