Sunday, December 19, 2010

finished scarf


Admittedly it's far too hot for it just now! But I love it. 
I'm off down to Spotlight today (as the rain is still on - over it now and there is no end in sight! I shouldn't moan, it's probably made the grass grow enough so that we don't have to sell any steers this summer after all) to get some net. I need about a 3m length so I may as well just buy it. It'll last for eons. I may even make the wrap this afternoon.

Have just spent the last couple of hours making the wrap I wanted. It is SO much harder when there is nobody there that knows what they're doing. Also the only table I have which is long enough is outside under the verandah. It is humid, tropical rain just now so I am under there with every single flying insect that is attracted to white and what colour of alpaca fleece am I using - yes - white, so I spend the vast majority of my time picking bugs out of my fleece. Oh and I forget to check my net hasn't stuck to my fleece after the first rolling so not surprisingly it did and it all went pear shaped when I tried to peel it off. Well if I'm being honest it all went pear shaped long before that, but I kept at it and it is finished and dripping away in an attempt to dry over the drying rack. It was a lot more difficult on my own than I thought it would be!
( pic to follow!)


  1. Looks great Laura,get some more netting and you can make yourself a food cover......!!

  2. ilovefifi4:30 pm

    I love your blog and really enjoy following your adventures :0) Just had to write and tell you what a beautiful scarf. Those colours are stunning. I hope you don't mind me asking but have you ever thought of selling your crafty goodies on the NZ crafty site 'felt'?
    Happy crafting!

  3. Anonymous4:58 pm

    I love it!!


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