Monday, December 20, 2010

felted wrap

ok, here it is...
It's about 2.6m long and about 50cm wide ish. It's got a 'wavy' edge. I have no idea on this earth how felters get a straight, even, non wavy edge!
It also has one 'designer' almost hole - Christine at the course told us the name for these :)

One corner of it didn't get nearly as well felted as the rest. I know it didn't get as wet as the other end initially and I wonder if this has something to do with it?? I did the same amount of rolling on it and I even worked at it with my hands after. Also at this end one of the flowers starfish isn't quite so well stuck on. Oh and there are bound to be some bugs in it! But apart from all these faults its ok! I like it, and I'm sure I will use it.
I know as a finished piece of felting it has so much wrong with it, and I'm not entirely sure how to fix all the problems. For instance, the 'hole'. I was sure I checked and double checked to make sure I had put the fleece on evenly, but obviously I hadn't at all! But I think I'll keep at it. Naturally Alpacas is literally 5 minutes from our house and they have an amazing selection of felting goodies, so it would be silly not to!
 The yellowy flowers were made with some sort of spidery web stuff. 

 This is the really bad corner! Heehe It'll probably fall off or something.

 Some of the sparkly threads, I like these

This white fleece is un dyed - just as it comes - obviously it's been washed and stuff - must learn the technical terms. I do know that you can send your fleece away and it comes back washed and carded (?) This is what we'll probably do with ours as we don't have the facilities to do our own. I spoke to Christine and she reckons that once our alpacas are fully grown we should get about 1kg of fleece from each one when it's shorn. Which is great, when you bear in mind that this wrap used 200g.
Lloyd really wants to save it up and have a huge blanket woven with the first lot which will be lovely.


  1. This is lovely and I'd love to see the whole piece. I don't have a clue about felting at all.


  2. Linda Zoldoske10:27 am

    Thanks! I knew nothing about felting prior to your posts. I might try it! Let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year! And, thanks for your blog postings! I read your blog every day!

  3. Laura it looks lovely, I've been watching the last few posts with particular interest.

  4. Laura I think that is lovely, good on you for having a go at something new...
    x Suzanne

  5. I'd say your doing a great job! It is beautiful. Thanks for posting your work. I felt various ways but never the way you have done. I love the look. Have fun!

  6. oooooo'er this is brillant!!! - did you know you can felt the dogs hair as well? true!

  7. Anonymous3:54 pm

    That looks beautiful and I'd love to do felting. Someone else did some felting and made little animals for a creche. I'd love to learn how!


  8. I'll try to get a decent pic of the whole thing.
    Linda, thank you! And merry Christmas to you and yours too!

    Bella SO funny because just before I looked at the computer I was trimming brodie who is covered in dreadlocks and they are all over the house and Lloyd said "look he's felted himself!"

  9. Wow your felting is really very pretty. I can't go past a bit of felt, it's lovely stuff.

  10. The wavey edges are great. It's called organic!!!!! and it shows its hand made. Your scarf look great. You still can felt the end that is a bit loose. Just wet it again and more soap, and rolling.


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