Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Garden, Photographs and Humidity

The biggest problem I had today was the humidity. Every time I tried to take a photo my camera fogged up! 
The rain is finally off but it's still incredibly hot and humid and sort of overcast with the sun desperately trying to get through.
And on that note!
I planted some red sunflowers this year and they're really pretty.

and from the veggie/eating garden ( ok I know you can eat sunflower seeds I do and they're rather nice, especially in a yummy nut pate - mmm must make that again soon!) 
Cape gooseberry, cos lettuce, basil, globe artichokes.

Green courgette, scarlet runners ( self seeded from last year and growing up the sweetcorn, clever things!) gem squash - yippee, yard long beans.

Rhubarb, more beans, sweetcorn and just one of my many, many tomato plants.

The rain has done everything good, the humidity less so. The courgettes are covered in mildew, so I got on my good old Cath Kidston washing up gloves that go right up to my elbows and gave them a bit of a prune! I've been dusting my tomatoes like a mad thing, blight is the bane of my life, I live in fear of brown bits appearing on the leaves. In this climate, I suppose it's inevitable really but I keep at bay as long as I can.
Right off to prune the camellias. Been putting it off for far too long now. Humidity stumidity. eh?


  1. Fabulous veg Laura...clever thing growing all of that!!!!
    Enjoy your xmas weekend coming up, I hope you get a little relief from the humidity to be outside...
    We are hoping to be outside, although the weather is meant to be very hot.....
    Bet you miss the snow this time of year.....xx
    Merry Christmas....Suzanne

  2. We have been having lots of rain and the peas and Calendula are showing mildew signs but we haven't had humidity- here in Eastern Australia things are positively cold and there is Snow in Some places- I don't think you get our weather though (we get Melbourne's weather when they are finished with it).
    I love your photos, they fill my heart with cheer, you know just how to take a photo to impress me!

  3. What a beautiful garden! And I've never seen red sunflowers, those are gorgeous!!!


  4. I have never heard of red sunflowers before either. They're beautiful. I'm going to have to get my hands on some.

  5. Oh your photos are just beautiful, and the red sunflowers are most excellent. I have never seen them before, and will have to try to procure some :)

  6. you 2 if I am allowed to send them to Australia ( do you have seed restrictions?) and you;re happy emailing me your addresses, I'll happily post them to you - I'll have gazillions once mine stop flowering!
    Let me know.

  7. Love all your grown up veges! Look at your lovely corn :)

    (PS love some of your sunflower seeds, if you have any going spare...)

    Ok today we had the humidity and then the sun came out. Sooooooo hot! Not great for Christmas shopping in one's lunchbreak.

    This is not typical December Northland weather...more like February!

  8. Your veges are all looking fantastic!
    Yes very humid - ugg.
    Preferable to the freezing cold in the UK though I think!! Note to myself - must remember not to complain (too much!)

  9. no problem, I'll post some down to you when they're dried out. It'll be a while - or I could just send you down a flower head or 2 - there are lots of smaller ones coming.

  10. The photos are beautiful. What photo program do you use for the mosaic?

  11. Hi Staci, my friend Fi at http://kiwifruit-the-blog.co.nz/ told me about picassa the other week cos I asked her about her gorgeous photos. Now there's no stoping me and I'll be boring everyone silly. It's just a free download and super simple.

  12. Oh that's really lovely, thank you :) I'd love some of those fabulous red seeds.

    I've no idea who to ask about restrictions for seeds, but I have to go to the post office tomorrow anyway, so I'll ask there. Lol, I've also been looking at all your house and property photos, I wouldn't mind if you send them over too! It's beautiful.

    I've been lucky enough to visit NZ a few times now, and it is just a breathtaking place. Just lovely. I am a bit jealous of your place!

  13. ok house and garden shall be bubble wrapped and sent on their way!
    I'll get seeds off to you when the flowers are more over - this is the first one to open so it'll be a wee while yet.

  14. I have never seen red sunflowers before. Gorgeous!!

  15. Thanks Laura :)

    Wish there was something I could send you in return...

  16. och it's no problem at all:)
    Who knows, maybe one day a rare and beautiful plant will appear in your garden from nowhere and you can sneak me a seed or 2!

  17. Beautiful edibles! That's a great sunflower picture you've taken! I like the red ones too.


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