Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fred's Inside

When I went to check on him today ~ I was actually going to take the branch inside as there's another storm forecast for the weekend ~ he wasn't there. But he was on the ground just below the branch. He must have fallen off somehow. So I gently picked him up ( it's very hard) and took him inside and tied him to a piece of silver thread. As long as he didn't get damaged when he fell I'm hoping he'll hatch.

You can see his wings inside, developing. Amazing


  1. oh wow, you are going to be watching and watching that thing arnt you....
    Lucky you found him...x

  2. Oh wow, you really can. I am very much with you on your protection of Fred, fabulous lass for bringing him in.

    Good Luck little Fred.

  3. What a wonderful CAN see the wings.

  4. Chrysalis' really are quite odd to pick up, did you feel Fred move inside?

  5. yes! when I picked him up it did move gently on my palm! it was weird!


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