Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The many faces of Fred

There are now many, many Freds.
Some Freds are simply HUGE!
A lot of Freds are now attaching themselves to start forming chrysalis. You can tell, because their heads are stuck to the leaves. It's amazing. One of them was waving his head around looking for a place to stick it to, it was so cute.
The plants are still doing really well with lots and lots of leaves left.

We're just hanging inside this afternoon. Waiting for the tail end of a tropical cyclone to come down. It's 100% humidity, drizzly, breezy and boiling! It's supposed to get really, really windy this afternoon. We shall see.


  1. I know just what you mean the humidity is stifling here today the cyclone is supposed to hit us later on today.
    I heard that monarch caterpillars like pumpkin too so if you start running low on food it might be worth a try!

  2. Our class studies the life cycle of the butterfly. I will have to remember to show these pictures. We will have painted ladies that we will release soon after they emerge.

  3. Love the Freds! I know that rain...I think it is the stuff we had a couple of days ago. It is very wet rain!

  4. Gosh the Freds are appealing little guys aren't they? They look so soft and cuddly.

    I'd like a human-size Fred pillow.

  5. Hang on to your heads, Freds....are you sure they arent hanging on cos of the wind???
    Your pictures are amazing Laura, I cant wait to see their crysaliss'sss ( I dont know how to spell that obviously) how about, cocoons...........there, easier to type and to say....

  6. Wow those Freds are striking - will there be anything left once they've stopped chomping! I can't wait to see what they transform into...

  7. Oh I hope that you don't get the same winds that we had last Saturday! We had tree limbs come down, corn knocked over and tomatoes all leaning onto the celery! I was so worried I was up before six to check everything! I do prefer rain to wind and we have had a fair bit of that recently too. Tasmania is not known for it's humidity but this summer has been something different altogether!
    I love your photographs and look forward to them every day. Thank you for such an interesting blog.

  8. Do they not just eat all your plants - they are huge

  9. The Freds are amazing! Some are huge-wow. Great shots. Stay cool and hope the weather passes soon.

  10. Lovely...do you have enough food for them..they eat so much! x

  11. amazingly, so far so good. The swan plants are still incredibly leafy. I was told to nip off the flowers so more energy could go into making leaves and it seems to be working really well.
    Also even though the butterflies are still coming all the time to lay eggs I can't actually see any tiny caterpillars - just the few - now HUGE- ones. So I'm not sure what's going on there.


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