Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things we can eat!

We had a day of drizzle yesterday although none of the heavy downpours or high winds that were forecast arrived, but it gave us an excuse to have a rest in the afternoon and watch a film. We never do this so it was a wee treat.

And it's amazing what a bit of rain can do for the veggie garden! The courgettes are growing so fast now that every day I throw a couple of gigantic ones in for the chickens. They absolutely love them. After a slow start the yellow, goldrush, have grown like triffids. I think three courgette plants is simply too many and next year I'll got back to having just two, one yellow and one green.

Here's something I'm dead pleased to see ~ aubergine/eggplant flowers. Growing these from seed means they are always going to take a while to get started, but this year they seem to be doing really well. I planted four, so hopefully we'll get a lot. See the spikes! No much wonder they really hurt.

I grew these for fun, but they've done incredibly well. They're 'yard long' beans. I think they also get called snake beans? They are unbelievably long - as long as my arm and still growing. They also have very pretty flowers

Unless the wind blows these all off, I think we're going to have an absolutely huge apple harvest this year. We've got several apple trees.

 Same goes for plums. It's always a race between us and the parrots as to who gets them first - we've learned to pick them a few days early and let them ripen ~ that way we get the lions share of the crop!


  1. Oh I am not sure I can even manage to speak to you anymore after seeing those lovely lovely apples! I am green with envy, ooo and that's funny.

    I have an apple tree that this year produced one apple that grew to the size of my thumb before dashing itself to the ground.

    Your garden looks just wonderful.

  2. oooh, Laura I am waiting day by day for my plums...I saw a lorikeet today in my apple tree and ran screaming down the back to scare it away......and the rest of the neighbourhood birds!!!!
    we have 36degrees here tomorrow, so that is the LAST day I will wait till I pick the plums...are yours Satsuma? They look like it, beautiful....
    I picked my first eggplant during the week...
    Your yellow zuchinnis look fabulous, what a bumper crop !!!!!

  3. Jealous much of your apples and plums! (Not so jealous of the courgettes - we have too many too!)

  4. Woah there with the snake beans - thats just showing off! The garden is looking great. Just wanted to let you know Ive given you an award on my blog, please dont feel under any pressure to accept it - its just to say Ireally enjoy your writing and pics - so there!

  5. Yummy pics. I'm so jealous. Can't wait for summer in the states. Same thing happened to me last year. Iplanted 4 yellows and 4 greens. Won't make THAT mistake again...(although the neighbors/coworkers loved the fresh squash.)


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