Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby chicks get their freedom.

The baby chicks have been in with the big chickens, but in their own wee house for almost 2 weeks now, so this morning I let them out and stood over them like a hawk to make sure they were ok. After about half an hour and lots of contact with the big chooks but no pecking I felt it was safe to leave them and just check on them numerous times today!  They are absolutely loving being out and about - they're very game wee things, tough as old boots.
I am now totally convinced both the light sussex are boys ( black and white ones) and that the pure white wyandotte is also a boy. However can anyone sex Araucanas??

Light Sussex


Haven't they grown.


  1. You are right - they are very cute and look full of bravado now they are out and about. I think you are right about the light sussex (sorry!) don't know about the others though.

  2. Oh Laura, they are beautiful. It always makes me feel good when the little ones can stick up for themselves. My hubby and I always say the barn yard is not for the faint of heart--we have some big bullies out there :)

  3. Freedom feels good!! They are too cute.

  4. Are those lovely gray chicks 'Araucanas'? Here in US they usually have chinwhiskers. Of course in the US the hatchery I use has started calling them 'Easter Egg Chickens' because there are so many variations!

  5. Hi Linda, yes they are pure bred araucanas. I haven't seen them with whiskers before! I'm off to search for a pic of a whiskery araucana now - sounds cute :)

  6. How gorgeous!! I'm after bantam araucanas myself :)
    Was thinking of you today and my NZ friends through the blogging world, never met in person but have enormous affection for. It's amazing the kinships you make. Hope your loved ones are safe.

  7. thank you xx we are safe as far away, I have a few friends down in Christchurch and all are accounted for and ok, thank goodness. A terrible time though and dark day :(

  8. I am so glad that you were not near the earthquake.


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