Monday, February 21, 2011

I think we may just live in paradise.

We're just back from staying with friends last night. It's only about 40 minutes away from our house, but it was lovely to stay and just make our way home, leisurely, this morning rather than drive home in the dark last night.
Danny and Paula have this absolutely gorgeous house in Omapere, they designed it themselves and it is totally off grid.  Lloyd dreams of this . . . one day. (I suppose we're half way there with our own water and our own septic system . . . just need the electricity . . . MMMmmm)
The sand dunes that you can see from Opononi ( next village to Omapere) and Omapere are absolutely amazing. This photograph does nothing to show the scale of them but they are like a huge mountain of sand.
 There is also an incredible rip or current when the tide is changing. About an hour after this photo you could actually see a very clear line where 2 different bodies of water met.
 These kids were having an absolute whale of a time. They were jumping off the wharf at the far end and the current was taking them to the other end where they grabbed hold of the ladder. If they missed the ladder ( which none of them did) there were several other places they could grab onto. It looked brilliant fun.
This one was taken with my iphone ( well all of these were) but I used a fancy smancy App.
This is the same - it's the view from the Copthorne Hotel - has to be one of the best situated hotels in the world, I reckon!
Anyway, we had a lovely time, thanks Danny and Paula.


  1. I too dream of 'being off the grid'. *sigh* Lovely scenery.

  2. Wow, that looks heavenly! I'm seeing a white-out out my window (yep, another blizzard in good ol' South Dakota) Trade you places!!!

  3. I know it sounds a little bit mad, but I really miss the snow - where I'm from we used to get snow every winter, where we live now doesn't really get a frost!

  4. Wow, how beautiful. The sand dunes are huge and I don't believe I have ever seen any that large. Rip currents scare the heck out of me. Nice post!!

  5. Looks gorgeous Laura - I think you are pretty close to paradise.
    I can understand that you would miss the snow though - only at Christmas maybe!

  6. I definitely think you live in paradise--this is breathtaking!

  7. Oh Laura how GORGEOUS!!!! I adore NZ and this is another reason to return for a holiday! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Sometimes a change of scenery and extra time with friends are a sort of like icing on a melt in your mouth delicious cake ;)

  9. Wow! Absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of when we lived in Hawaii.....only distant memories now. You miss the snow? I'm more than happy to send some your way. :) I do know what you mean. I did miss having the 4 seasons when we were in Hawaii.

  10. Paradise, indeed.

  11. Oh how I wish I were swimming in Lake Michigan (in the summer of course *grin* )

    What amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing!


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