Sunday, February 06, 2011

Check this out

Melanie at frugal kiwi was runner up in the Homies a huge feat  :) so well done Melanie! She also awarded a prize and picked me! Now go on over and have a look at her brilliant blog, and while you're there have a peek at what I won. It is fantabulous, amazing, brilliant, beautiful ~ I am one lucky lucky lady today.
Go and look!

thank you Melanie.


  1. oh lucky you what a fab bag!!!! loves and licks xxx

  2. Glad you like it Laura. Otherwise, I'd stealthily replace it with a bag of sticks which you could send to Doyle and Mollie!

  3. Congratulations Laura.

  4. You lucky girl!!

  5. Its so much fun when you get a prize.


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