Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bits and Bobs

We have Matt and Liz from Frolics from Scratch staying just now and they're lovely! Have a look at Liz's blog and it'll tell you about their travels around New Zealand.
 We all went out fishing last night and as is usual for us we caught nada! We did have lots of bites though and caught several too small snapper that had to go back. Big thanks to Lloyd for fixing up all the rods and feeding us the most lovely egg and bacon rolls!
Matt has been brushing Sheba's winter coat out and she's looking amazing and so much cooler. Think we need to put a wee bit of sunblock on her nose, though.

 It's still incredibly hot here, we've had around a week of temperatures in the 30's and like I mentioned before, this is hot for us, and the humidity is a bit of a killer - it's up at 90% most days. However it's incredibly good for the veggies! The tomatoes are a glorious sight ( with apologies to everyone who still has green tomatoes!)

The bean pyramid is now absolutely laden - so beans for tea tonight, I think.

And the broad beans have grown about 6 inches since I last took a photo of them!

Now finally, Fred. I have no clue if he's ok or not - any experts out there?
He's been like this for days now. I put him outside on the deck to see if more light was required. I've done thousands of internet searches - some say that their chrysalis went black but did hatch and others say theirs died.  The chrysalis is still hard but it's not going clear. So what do people reckon?

 I did buy a couple more swan plants, though as my huge ones are back to being covered in  mini Freds. These ones I'm going to put in very large pots and keep them on the deck. If the big plants get too eaten I'll transfer some Freds to these and perhaps cover them so that no more eggs can be laid. We have so many monarch butterflies in the garden this year, it's beautiful.


  1. Have not a clue what Fred's problem is, but I hope he snaps out of it! In the meantime, I'm savoring those vine ripened tomatoes through the cyber airwaves, and just know that your good eats will be a photo tomorrow.


  2. Your donkey is beautiful... I ♥ Sheba! And your tomatoes and everything look so lovely, and make me long for Spring/Summer. Sorry you're suffering the heat. We are suffering the cold. Someplace in the middle would be nice! Enjoy your visitors! -Tammy

  3. Oh Lori, the donkey is a beauty. It’s so fun when they lose their winter coat--they look so skinny. He does have a touch of pink nose. Your garden is fabulous--just amazing. The tomatoes are beautiful. I have no idea bout Fred but I am anxious to see what happens. I would just love to see all your monarch butterflies in the garden. Wow--get us good pics when they flutter around :)

  4. Those tomatoes look glorious!!

  5. I know that some of our monarchs took quite a while to hatch out, apparently it's very temperature dependent so maybe Fred is waiting for the right time - although it's not like it's too cold I guess! Hope he comes out soon :)

    We have so many chrysalis on ours, you can see before & after pics of the plants on my blog - I was suprised they managed to eat all the foliage, & so quickly too.

    Love your blog btw :)

  6. Tomates and donkey look gorgeous.
    Don't know anything about Fred - time will tell I guess. Good luck with the hatchings.

  7. We've had such a terrible summer here in oz! Don't know what's going on here this year. Hope Fred comes out soon. And I love your donkey! How beautiful!!!!

  8. We've had such a terrible summer here in oz! Don't know what's going on here this year. Hope Fred comes out soon. And I love your donkey! How beautiful!!!!


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