Sunday, February 13, 2011

chicks and ducks and rock and roll...

The chicks are almost 5 weeks old now, so a couple of days ago I let one lot out of their little house so that they and their mum could roam around freely during the day. All went really well until roosting time when I assumed Buttercup would take them back to their wee house to sleep. (My usual broody, Maude, has always done this in years gone by) but just goes to show, where chickens are concerned you should never assume anything, as Buttercup flew up into the tree where all my chickens roost at night, and left her 2 wee chicks crying on the ground. I waited to see if she was going to jump down to them but nope. So lloyd and I rescued the wee ones and put them back into their house then got Buttercup down and put her back in with them. All was well.

After this we made the decision that the chicks were all big enough and feathered enough that they could all be put together in one house and we'd let Millicent and Buttercup out to be with all the others. Both of them are looking rather tired after raising chicks for weeks one end.
I'll leave the chicks together in this house for a couple of weeks so that they form a strong wee group, then I'll put the house back into the main run and let them out during the day and hope they all go back together to sleep at night until they are big enough to fly into the tree. ( or better still the lovely chicken house I have that none of them use!)

All in all the moves went smoothly. Now it's just the ducks who are interested in getting in with the chicks!


  1. It sounds just like taking care of children.

  2. Creatures~~Great & Small all need trained...

  3. You are so right--can’t ever depend on the chickens to do what we think but it all worked out well. The photo is just beautiful. I love your ducks too :)

  4. Oh how I love ducks! Stacey x

  5. How funny! Do you not have any predators, that it's ok for the chickens to roost in your trees overnight? What a beautiful coop you have (like you said, that nobody uses - lol). I've just recently introduced 3 new hens to my existing flock of nine and the transition has been, shall we say, a bit rough? Do you think you'll have any problem with the two new chicks integrating with your other hens?

  6. we don't have foxes or anything like that - there are ferrets/stoats but we have three cats and three dogs and so far haven't had any trouble at all.
    In the past I've had no bother introducing new chickens - I just let them stay in a small run where the others can see them for a week then let them out in the evening just before roosting time and it's been good. Did you just put them straight n with the old ones or did you keep them separate but in view so they could see eachother for a wee while first? Usually I introduce chicks with their mums so it's no bother at all, but these silly mums left the babies to go and roost up the tree so this is new territory for me. We shall see! I'll keep you posted on that one!

  7. oh that little house in the pic - that's just the broody house - the chicken house is huge and substantial and all painted nicely with roosting thingies and lovely nesting boxes - they use the nesting boxes really well but just don't sleep there. Silly girls!


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